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New – Episode 2 of Business Tip Sessions with Shea

The second episode of Business Tip Sessions with Shea has been released! Have you ever wondered why your HR person

Peace of Mind

We are thrilled and thankful to be featured in this article by Edge Magazine! Read the article to find out


Quarterly make up training sessions, March 26th

Do you have employees or managers who couldn’t make it to your last annual harassment training or your last Performance

Save the Date for the Alliance Summit 2021

Below is the finalized agenda for the Alliance Summit, which will be held on Thursday, April 22, 2021. The Alliance


April 2021

Introduction and updates

Exit Planning Strategy – John Bruckner (McFarland Group)

Roundtable Discussion on Staffing Your Business in 2021

Testing the COVID-19 Vaccine by Quality Clinical Research

Employment Law Considerations with the rollout of the COVID vaccine in your workplace

October 2020

Session 2: Leadership Mindset to Grow Your Business by Andy Neary (Major League Mindset)

Session 3: Overview & Clips of New Harassment Training for Leaders by Shea Compton (Director of Training & Development at The Alliance Group)

Session 4: Roundtable Discussion on Pivoting Business During COVID-19 by Zac Triemert (Brickway Brewery), Jeri Schlickbernd (DVG Realty & Orange Property Management), and Mike Mapes (The Alliance Group)

Session 5: Importance of a CFO by Luke Templin (Hancock/Dana)

Session 6: Automate Your Business with Office 365 by Sridhar S. Sunkara (Ebiz Solutions)